V.S.E. was founded in November 2007, starting its activity in January 2008, with its own and portuguese capital.
The founding partners of the company were Paulo Jorge Machado de Sousa and Isabel Maria Barbosa Dias. They came together in this project to create a reference company in this area, both nationally and internationally. Driven by a strong desire to take on new responsibilities and be independent, in June 2018, partner Isabel Maria Barbosa Dias acquired the share of partner Paulo Jorge Machado de Sousa and now holds all of V.S.E's capital.
The company is engaged in the manufacture of non-domestic equipment for refrigeration and ventilation.


We intend to be a reference company in our sector of activity, betting on interaction with our customers in order to solve their requirements. We are permanently attentive to the evolution of the market at a global level, seeking to exceed expectations, surprising and overcoming all challenges with ambition, determination and confidence.


Perfil Inovador's mission is to guarantee the quality of its products to its customers.

To accomplish this mission, we consider fundamental the integration of professionals with expertise and wide experience in this sector of activity, focusing on the rational application of organizational processes of sustained growth, adjusted innovation, rigor and quality, to effectively respond to the needs and expectations of our customers. We believe in a set of values that accompany and distinguish us, so that we can make a difference in this sector of activity:

  • Customer orientation
  • Business Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Credibility
  • Transparency
  • Satisfaction of our employees
  • Respect for the environment

What do we value?

Total Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the source of benefits for employees, managers and suppliers, being valued as a top priority in all company functions.


Our Collaborators

The involvement of our employees forms the basis of our strength, offering the company instruments of motivation, training and permanent updating.


Improvement and Innovation

We seek to achieve continuous improvement in all phases of our processes.

We are always available to seek the best solutions with our customers and suppliers.